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Tilina Marke Key Enterprises LLC is a proud distributor of Happy Feet Gel Insoles.

Happy Feet Therapeutic Massaging Liquid Gel Insoles gently stimulate the pressure points under the feet. This constant movement creates an increase in circulation which helps with a myriad of medical issues. The gel creates balance which helps with pain associated with the spine.  The gel also absorbs up to 86% of the shock helping our ankles, knees and hips.

Happy Feet has been around for nearly 30 years and carries a 2 year warranty.

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HappyFeet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles are actually a fluid orthotic that gently massage the pressure points under the feet as the memory liquid move back and forth from normal walking or simply moving the foot heel to toe or side to side. The gentle massaging stimulates blood flow thereby increasing circulation by as much as 115% as proven by our clinical study. This increase in circulation helps with various medical conditions while working with the balance the fluid provides to eliminate pain. This product will not cure a surgical need but provides relief to most people immediately. Some conditions do take as much as an hour or more to feel relief.

Stand. Walk, Work. Happy!

Plantar Fasciitis

Here’s the scoop. Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the thick, fibrous band of tissue that reaches from the heel to the toes, supporting the muscles and arch of the foot. “Plantar” refers to the bottom of the foot; “fascia” is supportive tissue. When the plantar fascia becomes overly stretched, tiny tears occur in its surface. The band of fascia becomes inflamed with all the pain associated with inflammation. Some experts attributed this type of pain to bony growths called heel spurs but their general agreement now indicates heel spurs are an effect of plantar fasciitis and not a separate cause of pain.

Simply put, your calf muscle, one of your strongest muscles, attaches to the Achilles Tendon. In turn, your Achilles tendon, the strongest of all your tendons, attaches to the back of the heel bone. The Plantar Fascia connects to the bottom of your heel bone and runs the length of your foot to hold everything together. These inter-connections operate together as a single unit in which your heel bone is the pivot point.

After a full day of standing and walking and working and exercising comes the time to relax and most people kick off their shoes and hit the couch and that’s when the problems start. The calf muscle tightens which then pulls on the Achilles tendon and the Plantar Fascia. That puts pressure on the arch when a person then stands up, you can see how much force is applied on the Plantar Fascia as the foot stretches and straightens. This, often and expectedly, causes minor tears of the Plantar Fascia. Once a tear becomes inflamed, pain follows as surely as night follows day.

But this description is only a snapshot of what happens at any particular moment. In reality, the damage occurs over a long period of time. The pain is normally most severe in the morning because the calf muscle has not had a chance to stretch and relax. As you walk during the day the calf muscle loosens up which in turn frees both Achilles tendon and Plantar Fascia. Not surprisingly, once these two tendons move freely the pain recedes.

The tearing can affect people from all walks of life. Big, small, flat footed or big high arches. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how much pressure is being placed on the Plantar Fascia.

How will targeted treatment for plantar fasciitis help me?

Clinical testing proves a HappyFeet fluid filled insole in conjunction with an orthotic arch support provides relief from chronic plantar pain. This Targeted Treatment aims straight at the source of the problem.

■ Fluid action stimulates healing blood flow massaging your feet while absorbing impact and distributing weight evenly

■ Redistributes body weight to eliminate pain, pressure, and fatigue leading to Plantar Fasciitis.

■ Absorbs the shock of everyday standing, walking, and working on hard surfaces.

■ Reduces inflammation by increasing circulation.

■ Stretches and releases the tension caused by improper foot alignment.

Tired and Sore Feet

It happens to almost everyone. You get home at the end of the day and your feet are burning, sore, swollen and just plain tired. We all know the problem but what’s the solution? Lots of us try to find some kind-hearted soul willing to give a soothing, relaxing foot massage to get circulation back to normal in feet and lower legs.

How would you feel at the end of the day if you could enjoy the benefit of an all-day foot massage?

In some ways, we suffer from Civilization. Nature designed the human foot to work best when shoeless while walking in soft dirt. Loose soil reshapes instantaneously to transfer pressure from the point of impact to all the foot’s other muscles, tendons and ligaments. That constant reaction to pressure creates a natural massaging action as all those complex systems on the bottom of your feet work in close coordination to allow you to maintain balance.

Thorns and other sharp objects led to invention of the first shoes. Fast forward a few thousand years and notice how concrete surfaces make up today’s biggest barrier to the natural comfort that would come if all of us were still walking in soft dirt. Now most of us wear shoes to protect our feet from long hours on hard, unyielding and smooth floors. But that comes at a big cost: no more natural sharing of the burden of our weight over the entire foot. It makes sense that the parts doing more work than they were designed to handle become fatigued while the other parts suffer from under-use.

HappyFeet set feet to doing their thing with all parts sharing the load. When you put your feet on a bed of pharmaceutical-grade glycerin that instantaneously reacts to pressure in just the same way soft dirt takes on the proper shapes for maximum comfort, you are taking a step in the right direction – a big step to avoiding “worker’s feet”. You won’t necessarily want to go dancing after a hard day on the job wearing HappyFeet but, on the other hand, you won’t be begging for relief from the pain and swelling you used to endure.

If you stand and walk for long hours at work, HappyFeet just might be the solution to those “end of the day” miseries. Plus, we offer a two-year warranty on all our insoles.

Simply put, your calf muscle, one of your strongest muscles, attaches to the Achilles Tendon. In turn, your Achilles tendon, the strongest of all your tendons, attaches to the back of the heel bone. The Plantar Fascia connects to the bottom of your heel bone and runs the length of your foot to hold everything together. These inter-connections operate together as a single unit in which your heel bone is the pivot point.

Back, Hip and Knee Pain

Lateral Muscular Back Pain simply means muscular pain that is presents itself just above the hips and runs up your sides. The pain we are looking at comes primarily from standing and/or walking for long periods of time during the day and quite simply comes from the muscles being tired.

Approximately 85% of all Americans will experience some type of back pain making it the most common injury and the most expensive.

What we have found is that most people stand slightly tilted forward. This tilt can and does put undue stress on the hips and lower back. Quite simply, the muscles in your back are working to support your weight rather than your spine. If we can slightly realign your posture you will stand more upright offloading pressure from the hip and lower back muscles.

HappyFeet Massaging Insoles put upward pressure on the arch. This pressure causes the foot to rock slightly forward pulling the calf with it. This causes a forward rotation of the pelvis which helps to realign the spine straight up and down. Now the weight of the upper body is supported by the spine rather than the muscles of the hip and lower back allowing you to stand, walk or work for long periods of time with little or no pain. For many people the pain relief is immediate!.
The rotation of the pelvis has also been shown to help people with Sciatic Nerve issues also helping to relieve or eliminate another cause of hip pain.

Knee pain:

Knee Pain occurs when the ankle or foot excessively flexes inward or the arch flattens too much.

The resulting unstable position places added stress on the medial (inside) portion of the foot during the mid-stance and/or toe-off phases of the gait cycle. The body over compensates from the lack of stability in the foot giving a slight twist to knee.

The knees and lower back then absorb the shock, causing pain in the lower back and knees by added stress to the improperly aligned tendons and muscles. Targeted Treatment for Knee Pain will help align your feet into their proper positions. Your shin bone becomes misaligned when your foot improperly settles in the longitudinal arch. This misalignment continues up to the spinal column, causing discomfort to the knees, hips, legs, lower back and upper back.

Corns and Calluses

Calluses grow on the bottom and sides of the foot – anywhere there is friction or rubbing against a hard surface – as the body’s defense mechanism against developing an open sore. The more the rubbing, the thicker the callus tends to form.

HappyFeet float your feet on top of a flexible surface of pharmaceutical-grade glycerin, somewhat like a “water bed” for your feet. When your feet float, rubbing is eliminated and there is no longer any friction between your sole and your shoes. No irritation; no need for the protection of a callus. Over time existing calluses will simply disappear as your feet return to their natural healthy state that comes from restoring a natural healthy environment for them.

Poor Circulation

In layman’s terms, three basic conditions impair circulation to feet and legs: Diabetic Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease. In the U.S. alone, these three conditions are found in over 12 Million citizens.

No surprise: with so many cases in the population, you can find a ton of medical information – some of it is in the section that follows this discussion of basics but most of us are not doctors and benefit most from a straightforward, common sense discussion of these three conditions.

Unpleasant reality: the cause is almost always poor diet choices and smoking. If you suffer from any of these three conditions, chances are your lifestyle did it to you because you failed to understand the damage all that “fun stuff” was doing.

Inflammation (Morton’s Neuroma)

Morton’s Neuroma is an inflammation of the Plantar Nerve that runs between the Metatarsal Bones of the 3rd and 4th toes.

This inflammation is normally due to the wearing of tight shoes which cause the Metatarsal bones to rub on the Plantar Nerve.

Why does HappyFeet provide relief of Morton’s Neuroma?

The constant massage of HappyFeet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles attacks and eliminates the pain from Morton’s Neuroma in two ways:

■ The massage lifts and separates the Metatarsal bones keeping them from rubbing the Plantar Nerve.

■ The dramatic increase in Circulation, recently proven in a clinical study to be as much as 115%, eliminates the inflammation that causes the pain. Naturally, with no outside drugs or stimulation.

In combination, these two elements assure maximum circulation and attacks and eliminates the pain from Morton’s Neuroma.

HappyFeet insoles are the only insoles that are clinically proven to increase blood circulation in the feet by up to 115%!

HappyFeet’s shock absorption and a medical-grade dynamic fluid technology will evenly distribute your weight in real-time, giving support to the exact location on the foot that needs it most throughout the step. This improves posture instantly and takes the pressure off of your spine, knees and hips. Excellent for those who suffer from Diabetes, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuroma, Arthritis, Back Pain and just plain tired and sore feet.

Simply stand up and rock back and forth, you will feel the dynamic fluid technology go to work providing you instant relief! In 30 steps or less you feel relief in your back, lower back, hips, knees, and/or feet.

HappyFeet insoles can be used in all types of shoes, and are much more affordable than your average orthotics. HappyFeet insoles allow you stand, walk, or work 16 hours per day pain free on asphalt, concrete, or gravel! The increased blood flow they provide help cure and prevent diabetic sores, making these insoles perfect to help maintain pain free living.

The original liquid insole, HappyFeet have been giving people a new lease on life for nearly 30 years. Experience the pain relief that over 300,000 people have loved. Used all over the world by everyone from athletes to nurses, factory workers to teachers and anyone who wants to have their feet back again! Try a pair today and see why these are the world’s best liquid massaging orthotic insole.

In short, HappyFeet are simply AMAZING! I found them at a hair show and my aches and pains are gone. I had issues with heel spurs and no longer have to take injections and no longer wear the boot.  My husband has gout and has not had a flare up since I put them in his shoes in January 2014.  Not only that but his legs don’t swell like used to. He is sold on them as well.

I think that HappyFeet are the answer to a lot of people’s issues with the neck, back, lower back, hips, legs, knees, lower legs, ankles and of course feet. Again, they aren’t going to repair a torn mcl or acl or a bad disc but, in my experience, they have eliminated my pain and have seen 1,000s of folks that have experienced the same relief I have.

Enjoy your HappyFeet!

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